St. Louis Photographer || Sarah + Mike || Stylized Shoot

I think every photographer has that "dream session" in their head. The one that they know will fill their soul up in the most beautiful way. This session was my dream session. It's something I've been day dreaming about and planning for months and to finally see it come to life....well, there's no better feeling! I've always wanted to do a stylized wedding shoot but got cold feet anytime I started to get the ball rolling. Maybe I just didn't believe in myself as a artist. Or maybe I was afraid to fail. But I finally gave myself the push I needed (something I find myself doing often in this industry)! And I'm so so happy I did. 

Our first attempt was rained out, but looking back it was a blessing in disguise. We had the most GORGEOUS evening (despite it being a little warm)! Mike and Sarah totally killed it. Their love for each other is so dang beautiful. I think I had a smile on my face the whole time I edited this session. Seriously. Just the way they look at each still my heart. 

Special thanks to all the beautiful people who helped this come together....

+ Mia Grace Bridal for the gorgeous gown.

+ Farmgirl Flowers for the incredible bouquet. 

+ Jenna Franzen (@jnfranzen) for KILLIN IT on Sarah's hair and make up.

+ Ania (@ania_elizabeth) for assisting and taking some behind the scenes videos and photos.

+ And Mike and Sarah (@mustardseedmantra) for being the best models a girl could as for. And for falling in love. I love you both so dang much. 

Couldn't have done it without these amazing vendors and human beings. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. I have never been so proud of a body of work. Feel free to comment and share!! xoxo