I'm A Success Story (and so are you)

Last night, I read an article where top photo industry leaders were asked, "At what point did you feel like a success?" As I scrolled through their responses, visited their websites, and drooled over their work, I began to question my own success. These photographers are the best of the best, dominating the industry and leaving their mark. Then there is me...just, me. So I sat back for a bit, edited for a while (which is when I do some exceptional thinking believe it or not), and thought about success. These are my thoughts...

For starters, there is one thing I know to be true about success; we all have different definitions for it. Every single person is on their own journey. So naturally, my story will be drastically different from yours. But no matter what our story is at some point in our lives we desire to be successful. That's just how it goes. But what we don't always realize (especially me) is that we all have had successful moments in our lives. No matter how big or small these moments are, they matter. What I also know to be true is that we don't always reflect upon these little or sometimes big successful moments. I've failed at this miserably. I'm constantly beating myself up because I'm not one of those photographers listed as an industry leader. I am my own worst enemy sometimes and more often than not I force myself to believe that I am not successful. 

What I need to remember and what we all need to remember is that each and every one of us is a success story. We are alive, we have a purpose, and gosh-darn-it if getting out of bed in the morning isn't a success in itself then I don't know what is! Our whole existence is based upon the fact that a man named Christ died for you, conquered death, and thought of you the whole time. Success!! 

So to celebrate my success I have written down all the things that made me feel successful as a photographer. But wait, I have some "homework" for you and would love if you'd participate! I want you to make a list too. Doesn't matter how big or small this list may be but I hope and pray that you do it. Think about those points in your life that made you feel like a success. After you have created this list, post your favorite moment of success below! I can't wait to read them. As always, thank you all for being so good to me. Never forget that you are a success story!!! 


  • Getting paid the first time for a session
  • Getting my first inquiry from a family I didn't know
  • Being called a "professional"
  • Discovering that "batch editing" exists
  • Winning "Best Overall Photo" in a high school photo contest
  • Having a client tell me my images made them cry (happy tears!!)
  • Shooting my first wedding
  • Getting asked to speak to a class of high school girls about running my photography business
  • Hitting 1,000 likes on Facebook
  • When my image was choses as the "Weekly Favorite" on Lemonade and Lenses
  • Finally saving up enough money to purchase my 5D Mark iii camera body (it's basically my child)
  • Receiving my acceptance e-mail about becoming an official Magic Hour photographer
  • Being told that my work is recognizable


I just wanted to share a pretty photo with this blog so here ya go! xoxo

I just wanted to share a pretty photo with this blog so here ya go! xoxo