Libby | First Holy Communion

When I grow up, I want to be like Libby. Talk about a free and adventurous spirit! This little girl is a force to be recorded with, don't let the beautiful white dress fool you. ;)  I hoped that during this session, I would be able to capture even the slightest glimpse of Libby's incredible drive and beautiful soul. Libby is inspiring and passionate, look into her eyes and there is no denying it. Enjoy these photos! I love photographing little girls, they captivate me! 

I also want to apologize for slacking on the blog posts. This summer have proven to be my busiest by far. Business is booming and life is slingshotting me forwards and up! I don't mind at all though. :) I'm still finding the balance, I'm beginning to think there might not be one. But that's quite alright; I get to do what I love every single day. I realize that people work their whole lives to be able to say that. How blessed am I?

Hope you are having a very happy, blessed, and relaxing summer! I promise I'll post more blogs. :)