Meg & Drew | Butterfly House

I think I really just wanted this session the have a very relaxed feel. With young children, it's nearly impossible to get them to sit still. Heck, I don't want them to! I always get better photos when I'm chasing the little ones around with my camera, getting down on their level, and just letting them be themselves.

I love photographing these two. They remind me why I love my job so much and lets be real..they are a DREAM to work with!! I've also learned that if Meg wants to wear her lay necklace during a shoot, let her. Whatever it takes to get her to smile. ;)

I love the blurry photos so much, I think they portray a certain innocence. Children don't see things in straight lines; they view things differently than we do. Sometimes, I just want to look through my camera with the eyes of a child, no matter how in focus or out of focus that may be. xx