Where there is love…

My friends, we live in a beautiful world. But lately, the news stories have been telling me differently. Just this week, an innocent little girl was murdered just a few hours from my home. I can't help but hurt. This little sweetie was taken far too soon and in a manner that no human should ever have to leave this earth. I just sit back, shake my head, and ask... why? You know what I usually do when I have questions like this? I look at photos; I edit them. 

You can learn a lot by looking at a photo. As I look at photos of the little angle who was called home too quickly, I see a beautiful soul and a warm heart. A smile that will never see senior prom, graduation day, her wedding…and that thought made me very sad.

But as I was editing photos tonight I could not help but think, God has not left us. I see His love in the smile of that little girl, I see it so strongly. Actually, I see God's love in every child and person I photograph. God IS love. So where there is love, where there is laughter, tears of joy, there is God. Don't for a second think that God is absent in times of sadness, silence, and pain. Actually, God is closer to us in those times. You see, without hate, sorrow, and bitterness, there would be no room for compassion; no room for love. 

Don't be dismayed by the negativity we are faced with daily in the news. Don't let it smother your faith in humanity. Instead, allow it to open your heart up to love a little more. I'm learning that God sometimes breaks our hearts to remind us that we are only human. We break, we are weak. But in Him we can find strength, comfort, and peace. In God I rest my heart when I'm feeling dismayed. He always heals it, sometimes in the most beautiful and revitalizing ways. One of the reasons I love cameras so much is because their main purpose is to let in light. We as people should constantly be letting in light and pushing out darkness. Light is like God's love.. it engulfs us, warms us, drives away darkness. Open yourself up to light, love, and remember….the world we live in is so miraculous. 



I pray for the soul of sweet little Hailey and her grieving family and friends. I can't imagine nor comprehend the hole they must feel. If you have children of your own, give them a little extra squeeze and kiss tomorrow. This time we have on earth is a gift.