Let it go...

I tend to keep my personal life out of my photography business. I pick up my camera, leave all my baggage at home and go enjoy my client(s). This day was one of those days when I had to leave all my baggage at the door. But it was also the day I realized that sometimes a wonderful session and a camera can be the best kind of medicine. 

This day was not one of my best. I was stressed, doubting my work and myself, and felt as though the weight of the world was upon me. I couldn't focus right and felt like I was on the verge of tears all afternoon before this senior's session. I knew though that I HAD to pull myself together, I could not let this senior down. I always try my best to make sure my clients truly enjoy their session and have a good time. 

I arrived to the location, and the second I saw this beautiful girl's smiling face, all sense of doubt, sadness, and hurt was erased. It's strange to explain but all of my problems always seem to magically get locked away in a deep wing of my mind during my sessions. It's as though holding my camera allows me to let go of all the negativity that can sometimes build up. I never thanked Chandler for what she did for me that day; I should have. It's as though God knew I needed her and her positive, bubbly personality that afternoon. She was truly one of the sweetest seniors I've ever photographed. 

Driving home and watching the sun set I couldn't help but take a deep breath and smile.


Sometimes you just need to hold onto the things that mean to most to you and let the rest go... 

I love this photo of her. Pure joy:) 

I love this photo of her. Pure joy:)