"American Honey" Part 1

Driving down the road a few months ago during a chilly winter day, the song "American Honey" by Lady Antebellum came on the radio. As I turned up the song I could vividly picture a stylized shoot that perfectly fit that sweet, country feel the song evoked. From that second on I began brainstorming ideas for a photo shoot that at the time only seemed like a dream.

Well, that dream most certainly became a reality when I reached out to my Facebook fans asking if anyone had horses they would be willing to let me use in a stylized shoot. Quickly, everything seemed to fall into place and after months of planning I was finally able to drive to Illinois and photograph my beautiful second cousin, Bailey, with two gorgeous horses on a farm. I so loved working with Bailey and in all honesty I think it's nearly impossible for her to take a "bad" photo. The horses were a blast to work with and overall I had an amazing and unforgettable time! 

There are a TON of photos which is why I had to split this post up into two parts! Please enjoy the following photos. A special thanks to Bailey and her mom, as well as Karri who owned the horses, and my dear friend Lauren who was my assistant for the afternoon. xx